The Perfect Martial Art Self Defense Option

' I am currently training in ShinKen-Do and it is GREAT. If you are looking to train in a highly effective Self Defence system then you should come here. Training teaches students how to respond to an attack using natural body reflexes. Its not just Self Defence but a Martial Art encompassing all the virtues of discipline and respect '. 

                                                                                                  Sandra McPherson ( Student Nurse)

Learning ShinKenDo Is a Definate Advantage 

“A Blend of realistic Strikes, Restraints, Holds, Escapes Weapons defence and takedowns makes ShinKen-Do a complete Martial Art Self Defence. It is truly unique”.                                                                                                                       

                                                                                                      Kevin Davidson (Prison Officer)

I Fully Recommend ShinKenDo Self Defense​

"I can whole heartedly recommend the Art. Not only do I feel confident but I can feel my fitness improve each week. Its great not just as a form of fitness and self defence but its also it's a martial art that embodies all the martial virtues of respect, discipline, friendship and harmony".

                                                                                                                 Diane  Strasberg (Social Worker)

Training Has Given Me Far more Than I Expected

"The training is thorough and discipline. It has certainly toughen me up. I feel a sense of increase awareness and more confident walking  the streets at night". 

                                                                                                                                 Dr.   Mohammed Faraz

Its Simply Great

"I wanted to learn something new that would push me physically and mentally. Once I joined ShinKen-Do, I immediately  fell in love with it.  The atmosphere is great and well discipline. I met great people at the dojo and made friends that I know  I'll keep for a very long time. 

I strongly advise anyone who is in search of not just Self Defence but a truly unique effective Martial Art, to try ShinKen-Do practice".


​                                                                  .                         Katrina Boleslawa  (University Lecturer Law)

Realistic and Practical

" I wanted something that was realistic. After having tried BJJ and Kickboxing  I thought they were sport orientated that prisoned self defence. A friend took me to ShinKenDo training and its true what they say . After viewing customer testimonials I found it to be  the best I have experience in most tried martial arts".

                                                                                                                        Andrew Compton ( Teacher )