Meet Our Instructors

Grand Master Stan Brown

Grand Master Stan Brown

Grand Master Stan Brown of  Lau Gar Kung Fu. Honoured Chief Instructor to the International ShinKenDo Organisation
All round technician and super gentleman. Master Stan Brown with over 55 years of martial arts training has taught some of the best Martial Artist and tournament fighters from the UK

Steve Joseph (UK)


Sensei Steve Joseph Started his martial arts training at 10 years old. Having trained under numerous masters he  considered Master Stan Brown the best technician and greatest Master he has ever known. He is the head instructor to the International ShinKenDo Organisation 

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Sensei Mark Flynn (Ireland)


Sensei Mark Flynn Started his training under Jason Morris (Ireland) in 2001. He operates 2 Dojos in Ireland and is highly respected for his all round skill in ShinKenDo. A super Mr Nice guy with over 16 years of martial arts training Sensei Mark Flynn shows no sign of slowing down and goes from strength to strength.

Sensei Nina Lund (Denmark)


Sensei Nina Lund  Started her training in kickboxing eventually finding her way to shinkendo under Steve Joseph in 2000. She is honoured for her all round skill and superb kicking ability.Sensei Nina Lund continues to teach in Denmark at her highly respected and discipline Dojo.

Sensei Eric Moylan (Ireland)


Sensei Eric Moylan 2nd Dan  began his training in 2007. Having gained his Black Belt Sensei Eric Moylan focus his attention teaching and operates a Dojo in Co Cavan . 

Sensei Steve Bremner (England)


Sensei Steve Bremner 2nd Dan  began his trying his karate. After ganging his Black Belt karate Shukokai he found his way to ShinKenDO and began in 2010. he operates his Dojo in Canvey Ireland Essex (UK)

Diane Edwards (New Zealand)


Sensei Diane Edwards 2nd Dan was born and raised in New Zealand and has trained in ShinKenDo from a very young age. She  trained under Sensei Michael 2nd Dan who sadly pass away. Taking over as chief Instructor Diane received her Black Belt 1st Dan at the age of 18 and continued through the intense training receiving her 2nd Dan at the age of 25. 

Elsa Benoit (France)


Sensei Elsa Benoit (2nd Dan) has  trained in ShinKen-Do for over 15 years. She trained under Sensei Steve Joseph from the age of 15 taking mainly one 2 one tuition. She returned back to her homeland France  where she asked permission to establish her Dojo.  Sensei Elsa operates a full time Dojo southern France

Maxim Alexander (Italy)


Sensei Maxim Alexander 1st Dan  from Russian descent started his training in 2005. He interest into the self defence lead him back to establish a Dojo in Italy where he resides. his motivation and comitment is second to non.  

Sensei Mark Casey (England)


Sensei Mark Casey 2nd Dan started his training is 2012. Coming from a background of Thai boxing and Tae Kwon Do. His dedication to training is unparalleled and his commitment to his dojo/students is inspiring.   

Sensei Brain Harte (Ireland)


Sensei Brian Harte 2nd  Dan (Ireland) Started his martial arts training in karate. Having attain a 1st Dan in Wado Ryu he found his way to ShinKenDo training under Sensei Mark Flynn. His dedication and commitment to teaching and training in inspiring. Sensei Brian harte operated his Dojo in Kinnegad in Ireland

Sensei Liviu Ionasc (Ireland)


Sensei  liviu Ionasc 2nd dan started his training in 2010.  He operates a Dojo in  Balyhais Ireland where his passion for teaching shows in his commitment to his students. A highly respected Sensei with year of service as a ambulance medical officer.
Sensei Liviu continues to go from strength to strength.

Sensei David O'Connell (Ireland)


Sensei David O'Connell started his ShinKenDo Training in 2012 and is a black belt 2nd Dan under Sensei Mark Flynn 3rd Dan.
His has strong passion for training and  has a very active teaching style and constantly provides individual feedback for each student. 

Sensei Amanda Black


Sensei Amanda started Shinken-Do training  in Dec 2013 with her sister Liz. under Sensei Mark Flynn. Having not tried martial arts before she didn't know what to expect. She encountered techniques of restraints strikes weapons defence and an atmosphere of discipline respect and friendship.  Amanda  immediately fell in love with Shinken-do from that day forward and it has been a huge part of her life ever since.  She now wants to share this wonderful martial art with others.

Sensei Darren Gargan


Sensei Daren Gargen started his training in shinkendo in February 2013. As part of a new years resolution he then found it to be quite interesting and useful .  He obtained his brown belt  under Sensei Eric Moylan and enlisted in the instructors shinkendo program.Sensei Darren Gargan operates his Dojo at the Cormeen Sports Complex 

Moynalty Kells  Ireland

Meet Our Sempais (Assisted Instructors)

Sempai Mathilda Aurand (France)


Born and raised in France, Mathilda began performing professionally as a singer  at the age of 15. Off-stage, she has worked as a recording artist. She moved to South of France from Paris to complete her MA in Music , where she graduated with honors in 2015. She found a stress release when she found ShinkenDo under Sensei Elsa Benoit.

Sempai Bernard Mason (France)


Sempai Bernard Mason raised in England and moved to his wife homeland France. Coming from a background in Karate Sempai Bernard a gentle giant found shinkendo through his wife's introduction to the art and took him  to  Sensei Elsa's Dojo. He immediately fell in love with the art in particular the restraints and weapons defence being his favourite resulting in its usefulness to his career as a Police officer. 

Sempai Connor Keanne (Ireland)


Sempai Connor Started his Martial Training in Ireland under Sensei Mark Flynn. Then moved to London for work purposes and continued to train under

 Sensei Steve Joseph. He has returned to Ireland where he started his ShinKenDo Dojo in the town of Carrick On Shannon
Sempai Connor is as dedicated as they get and fell in Love with ShinkenDo after witnessing the Blend of Restraints , Strikes and weapons knife defence and its disciplinary trying and respect.
He teaches at the Carrick Dance Studio Wed 8pm-9pm

Sempai Paula J. Balcombe (England)


Sempai Paula Started her Martial Arts training in Ty Ga and Kenshukai Karate
Paula ventured in search of an effective self defence system that would provide her with realistic training methods and techniques for real world attacks. She found ShinKenDo and became one of Sensei Steve Joseph private one 2 one  students on th course of becoming a fully fledge Sensei