Getting Started Trial Lesson

Our  International ShinKen-Do Instructors are friendly and approachable.

As someone who is new to ShinKen-Do all you require is to attend your chosen class and arrive 10 minutes early to speak to the sensei (teacher/instructor).
We understand beginners can be nervous.  Our qualify CRB checked instructor will make you feel welcomed

Your Trial Class will have you in partner  possibly with a more experience student helping you each step of the way. 

What To Expect:


At the trial class you will receive training from the instructor who will guide you through the fundamentals  & answer any questions you may have. You will be introduce to basic stance, punch, kick and blocking drills . Then onto restraints, against armed and unarmed opponent . 

If you wish for hard contact training, cage fighting, aggressive and unfriendliness then our apologies as this is the WRONG Martial Art school for you.

What is the Next Step


Your trial class is  with no obligation to join but if you are interested, your instructor will then explain the membership/insurance cost. Take the First steps and simply complete the membership insurance form. 

You will then receive a licence book and a  syllabus DVD explaining  all the requirements for your first grade.

Join us today simply download the application form  and hand it to your nearest Dojo.

International ShinKen-Do Rules and Regulations

Good Dojo etiquette is essential for smooth running of the class and also promotes respect and discipline. Many rules, particularly those of etiquette, are unspoken. The word "dojo" is actually two words. "Do" which means "the way" or "the path" and "jo" which means "the place." When the two words are combined it means "the place where the way is studied."
To maintain safety in our classroom and to maintain a positive and respectful Martial Arts environment, we will request our students to follow our regulations guidelines.

These rules promote discipline, respect, humility and a positive attitude. They must be followed by all  in order to assure a traditional atmosphere of learning martial arts inside and outside the  dojo

Please download and familiarise yourself with these safety guidelines

Download Our Rules and Regulations Pdf format

Rules & Regulations (pdf)


Dojo-Ettiquette (pdf)


Grading Rules (pdf)


Students Attendance (pdf)


Legislation / Equal Opportunity / Judicial Affairs


  • The International ShinKen-Do Organisation herein referred to as ‘ISO’ is a permanent organisation with a legal status founded in 2000 and is composed of National and International ShinKen-Do recognised Dojos affiliated. 
  • The seat and legal domicile of the ISO shall be based in England.
  • The ISO does not engage in matters pertaining to politics, religion, or race, and is a not for profit organisation. 
  • The ISO performs its activity on an amateur basis in compliance with the principles set forth in the Amateur Martial Association. UK
  • The ISO has sole proprietorship of the logo of ISO and its use all rights for the use of the ISO logo and name for purposes of fabrication or sale of articles bearing the name or logo of ISO (such as flags, medals, diplomas, badges, shields, ties, gadgets, and similar objects) rests exclusively with the ISO.
  • The official language of the ISO shall be English.  All official ISO publications must be in English. In the event of disputes, the decision shall be based on the English text. 
  • The ISO has the aim of promoting, organising, regulating and popularising the martial art self defence and practice of ShinKen-Do Internationally and of protecting the physical and mental health of the athletes and participants, of contributing to the development of friendly relationships between the associations in membership to it and of defending the interests of ShinKen-Do Martial Art. 
  • The ISO will organise the any Championships in collaboration with the other Organisations. The right to organise National and International Championships and other official National events shall be solely the responsibility of ISO.
  • The ISO will adhere to the principles of the World Anti-Doping Code in accordance to its own rules and regulations

Equal Opportunity

This Document sets out the standards set for all the instructors of the International ShinKen-Do OrganisationThe International ShinKen-Do (ISO) is committed to equality of opportunity both in the provision of services to the public and as instructors. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all members of the public who come into contact with the Organisation are treated equally and with fairness and consistency at all times.
The International ShinKen-Do Organisation abides by the following codes of ethics and it is based on the principles that

  • All people have the right to be treated with dignity and respect
  • We will not discriminate on the grounds of race, gender, disability, nationality, religious or philosophical belief, age, sexual orientation, family status, trade union activity or any other factor;
  • We respect and seriously take into consideration the marginalization of individuals within society and create an environment where these people do not feel discriminated in any way
  • We will not discriminate on the grounds of race, gender, disability, nationality, religious or philosophical belief, age, sexual orientation, family status or any other factor;
  • The Organisation values the contribution of all individuals, regardless of their age, sex, ethnicity, colour and racial background.
  • We are an environment which is non judgmental
  • When individual have in a manner which is unacceptable, this behavior could adversely effect future teachings of ShinKen-Do
  • All instructors and students have a personal responsibility for the practical application of this policy 
  • Non-compliance with this policy will be treated seriously and will not be tolerated.
  • The Fundamental Core value of ShinKen-Do
    A) To promote equality for an enhance quality of life for individuals in the community
  • B) To appreciate individuals skill and abilities
  • C) To ensure that no one is harassed, victimized, or bullied in any way
  • D) We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of performance
  • E) We provide strategies for individuals to respect and obey

Mission Statement

Our Mission statement captures, in a few succinct sentences, the essence of our Martial Arts goals and the philosophies underlying them. Equally important, the mission statement signals what we are all about our aims and goals. What we as an Organisation are represent to students, our families and the community.

The International ShinKen-Do Organisation offers and promotes the study and safe practice of physical health and spiritual well being to the public.
We strive to accomplish this by offering the highest quality of innovative, enjoyable martial arts and fitness instruction in a fun, clean, safe and positive environment.
We endeavor to keep high standards and regulations, and ensure that all clubs operate adhering to a clear code of conduct and professionalism.
We strive to offer every student the equal opportunity to increase their personal development of their mind and body in pursuit of excellence. 

We endeavour to encourage the community to embrace the mind and spirit of martial arts in a positive way for the greater good of mankind


Any instructor/student who feels that he or she has grounds for complaint in relation to bullying, discrimination, harassment or victimisation has the right to pursue the complaint through the Organizations’ Head Office. Students/Instructors who feel they have grounds for complaint may pursue these through the student complaints procedure. The Organisation complaints procedure must be accessible to all. Complaints shall be supported by written evidence. Those against whom the complaint is made shall be given the opportunity to prepare and state their case having been given the proper written notice of the complaint and supporting evidence in writing. If, in the opinion of the Organisation Members the conduct of any club or individual member is found, on investigation, to be detrimental to the interests of the I.S.O. the Committee Members shall have the power to suspend, expel or administer penalties on such club or individual, having given the club or individual notice in writing.

Child Protection Policy

 The International ShinKen-Do Organisation recognizes that it has both a moral and legal obligation to ensure that when it is given responsibility for children, it provides them with the highest possible standard of care. ​