Female martial arts training


Why Is Our Training Important For Women?

ShinKen-Do is considered to be one of the best martial arts Self defence system by many. It is important for women taking up martial arts training as statistics study imply that all women are good candidates to become victims of violent crime at any point in their lives. 

According to statistics, a woman who is only 21 years of age has a 25 percent risk of suffering violent crime in her life. 

Self defence is okay. However numerous  systems, courses etc are overrated for self defence. 

The reasons, martial arts and self defence can be taught improperly as well as taking too much time and effort to really master. 

Numerous self defence systems courses etc quite often are a handful of the instructors favourite techniques while a huge number of Martial Arts schools have little or no relevant use in Self Defence.

In numerous martial arts schools emphasis is place on techniques from a sporting aspect applying competition style training where rules are prominent and lacking true effectiveness in a real attack scenario.

Numerous Schools place heavy emphasis on training to gain physical fitness over mind and spiritual development. 


What Can We Offer You?

For more effective self defense tactics, women should look at empty-handed or unarmed Self Defence/fighting techniques that ShinKen-Do greatly offers.

Our Syllabus and training are designed just for you. This type of empowerment trainingis also quite efficient as well as fierce: Our promise is to teach you, if the situation is imminent how to render a would-be assailant unconscious or to end the attack by applying simple but practical techniques.

Our on going classes teaches you how to defend against common chokes, grabs, bear-hugs and other attacks. These include fighting from the ground and what to do when confronted with weapons.

Our unique practice methods will teach you how to develop your natural body reflex, conserve energy and attack vital areas stopping even the strongest of assailants. 

ShinKen-Do training  incorporates training methods to build womens’ fighting spirit and to train how to respond both mentally as well as physically. 


It's Your Right

Self defence and self protection are an important priority for women. Threats faced by women differ to those faced by men. Assault on women is a common crime because assailants assume women will be more passive and not fight back. The best chance for survival is to fight back. Fighting back is not just necessary, but it is a moral right because protecting one’s self is paramount.

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