ShinKenDo Martial Arts Training FAQs


How is ShinKen-Do different form Other Martial Arts?

ShinKen Do differs from other martial arts in terms of content,  practice and application. It is not a traditional martial art. 

Although there are some similarities between ShinKen-Do and other martial arts.

Do I have to be fit before I join?

No you do not have to be fit. Through regular practice fitness and health will improve. Many people have taken up 

ShinKen-Do as a means to improve personal physical fitness and found it ideal for this purpose.

Do I need to be flexible?

Flexibility is ideally practice to avoid injury and revitalised tired muscle groups. While flexibility adds to general performance, 

it is not essential. Kicking techniques in ShinKenDo are aimed more usefully from the waist below.

Do you take beginners?

Beginners are always welcome. The syllabus and teaching in every class starts with the basics. Throughout your training you will receive 

​constant guidance from the instructor and senior more experienced students alike. If you'd prefer why not come and watch a class without any obligation

When Can I join?

Students can join anytime after a small membership fee is paid.  This is required for insurance purposes should you inadvertently

injure someone or get injured yourself. This is a very rare occurrence within the Dojo (school).After registering to joining our school a free uniform is given. Download our Membership Form on the Get started Page. Simply hand it to your instructor. Yo are all ready to GO!

Can I defend myself using ShinKenDo in a real situation?

Shinken-Do is a high practical use in self defence. There is no single martial art that guarantees students complete success in the eventuality of a physical confrontation. Like any other martial discipline it is the application of the technique by the individual with the correct mental approach that determines whether he or she successfully defend themselves


Is ShinKenDo practice suitable for women?

Absolutely. Strength and size are not an issue in ShinKen-Do. Our membership to date has a higher number of female practitioners than male.

How safe is ShinKendo practice?

The practice of ShinKen Do is a co-operative, not competitive, enterprise. Techniques are learned through training with a partner not an opponent. Student are guided and cautioned on the way they temper their speed and power of techniques in accordance with the abilities of their partners regardless of their grade or experience

How often do I have to train?

As often or seldom as you wish. However a minimum of two practice per week is advised.

Are there any age limits?

We generally  take members from the age of 14 years and over. We have several members who train within ShinKen-Do  that are well into the 60s and 70s.

How Much will a ShinKen-Do Class Cost?

Our ShinKen-Do martial arts training lessons are normaly £5 in currency around the world. However some instructors may charge less or a few pennies slightly more.

How long will it take me to get a Black Belt?

This really depends on how often you train. Grading are held every 3 months within the Internatinal ShinKen-Do Organisation and if you were to pass every grading it could take roughly 3 and half years.