ShinKen-Do   The Ultimate in Martial Art Self Defence Training
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The Ultimate in Martial Art Self Defence

Get fit Learn Martial Arts Learn Self Defence Have fun along the way

The International ShinKen-Do Organisation establish in 1985 is renowned for realistic, professional martial art self defence training.
It places emphasis first and foremost on self protection.

Our training  is the choice of professionals and civilians alike, where individuals learn not just a self defence but a martial art offering physical health & fitness mental  and spiritual development. 

Practice combines Small Joint Locks, throws, strikes, defence against knife attacks and pressure point application.

We ask that you come along and try a FREE CLASS trial lesson. You will encounter your first lesson to be based on warm up, gentle stretching loosening ​exercise, followed onto practical techniques of self defence training.

No macho atmosphere here. The emphasis is on acquiring self defence techniques, the development of mind, body and spirit.  NOT on fighting.
Leave your ego at the door and come in.

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Who Comes To Us

Like minded individuals who come to learn for various reasons.

​Be it self defense or keep fit or simply to meet new friends.

​Every member works to his/her own strength.

You do not have to be physically fit to begin.

Each lesson starts with the basics.

We understand that it is intimidating to enroll in a class of experience students. Everyone was once a beginner just like you. We promise you a friendly welcome in a discipline environment.

What We Offer / Our Philosophy

In our Martial Arts training we offer you tactics of knife defence, restraints, strikes, as well as multiple attacker situations.  Originally taught as a mix martial arts training includes physical fitness to suit your age & flexibility.  Kicking techniques are practically low.

Students train in an environment of co-operation, respect and discipline.

For those who think self defence discipline respect and friendship is the ultimate pursuit we're your kind of martial art school


Classes / Dojo Location

All Instructors are registered member of the International ShinKenDo Organisation (UK Headquarters)

What people are saying

“Out of all the styles sampled ShinKen Do appears to be the most effective for street self defence that would work and work well"

Fitness First Magazine

ShinKenDo Is Above All Dynamic And Essential "A dynamic martial art that place emphasis on self protection. Anyone that learns ShinKen Do can certainly pretty much take care of themselves.” ​ ​

Combat Magazine

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